Tuesday, 17 August 2004

No business like shoe business...

These are the shoes I have now. I was given them as a gift on my last birthday and they are just dying now. I destroy shoes. I don't normally have more than one pair that I wear regularly at any one time, so if I have a pair of shoes, THOSE are the ones I wear. And I really wear them. I walk a lot in my job. No one else doing what I do does but I do. So, to replace them I was thinking of these or these or these but I'll probably just settle for these.


Anonymous said...

Just get a pair of your old shoes. The others look like bowling shoes.


Anonymous said...

I like that first pair.. Dont just settle!!! Geez, spoil yourself.. You are getting too old to settle .. Live life to the fullest! Haha. Kidding.

Trianna kicked at the third pair, maybe she like's those ones! Hope your having a great day!

JCAB (soon to be JCAT)