Thursday, 11 November 2004


Ok. Here I am again. I've got to keep at this. I've tried keeping a journal many times and I tend to reach a point where I give up and never go back. But this one I have to keep at. Why? Cuz I say so, dammit.

I have a good reason. Same as last time : just being really busy. Let's see, what have I done lately. It's been difficult with my newborn son, and I haven't gotten much sleep. I have to thank my wife greatly for giving up some of her rest for my sake but I still feel exhausted. I can't wait until the wiggly little kid starts sleeping a little longer.

Also, the new job and the lack of other librarians in my department (due to vacation and position-filling delay) are giving me plenty of things to do at work, filling my day and wearing me out.

The family went out today to take some pictures. We got a new cheap digital camera... 30 bucks at Target!!! It takes crappy pictures, blurry and pulls down and to the left, but it's digital and that's all that matters. We'll spend a bunch more when we can. I need to make a gallery of pictures we've scanned, taken and organized. Anyway, we went for a play in the playground which also has a track and some exercise equipment. I can't do chin-up one!!! I need to lift some weights or something, jeez...

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel so bad about not doing one chin-up. I just had my Express test and i had to run back and forth between two lines 20m apart for a minute per level for 6 levels and I dead at the end of it. After the run I had to do a grip test (min 75, my score 134), then push-ups (min 19, me 19) then sit-ups (min 19, me 19).

Lets just say that I need to start working out too, cause when I left the gym I was just on the verge of ralphing.

Thought you'd like to know.

- From your in shap(ed like a pear) brother.