Tuesday, 2 November 2004

We are the world...

Check out the results of Globalvote2004. This is really interesting but not entirely unexpected. I'd like to know what the majority of Americans would think of this kind of result, particularly the one's voting for Bush - what their explanation would be, how they would justify sticking to their guns. I mean really, you can't seriously claim that the rest of the world are just idiots or Democrats or something. Perhaps there is a bias for liberals in the internet surfing community or something about this specific site that would attract "Kerry"-voters or something. But probably not. Bush and his friends went against world opinion and now the world has an opinion about him. Even the Middle East (albeit by a closer margin) voted against Bush. Actually that's the most interesting part of this little exercise. I wonder why it was so much closer there. It really depends on who's voting and who's claiming to be from the Middle East.

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