Monday, 21 March 2005

Let's do lunch...

Read this article the other day. Interesting article not to be taken at face value about the "empires" of the past (and present) but it made me think about how our politicians don't seem to really try to work on "real" problems. They may pop up as an issue to be considered every now and then but after a short amount of time in the spotlight, they are replaced by something else, something more flashy. This article tells all about how poverty is really the true cause of terrorism (as well as other evils) and without discussing the veracity of this claim, it can be agreed that poverty is a real issue and one that does not get enough attention.

There are millions of people in the world (in every country) that do not get enough to eat, clothe themselves with, live in, and generally survive on. And what do many politicians do? Let's talk about gay people shouldn't get married, or how people on the other side of the world may be thinking bad of us, or how the UN is just getting in the way. Let's complain about problems that may or may not affect us instead of finding solutions to problems that affect us or the people next door every single day.

Anyway, back to my cushy office job.

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