Thursday, 31 March 2005

To Boredly go...

My friend (I don't know him from a hole in the wall) says here, "The incentive to create will never disappear." I would truly like to believe that. When I was younger (that can't be too long ago) I would bore everyone how the world would turn out just like Star Trek: moneyless and still productive (adventurously so). But in my old age, and my experience in public service in a woefully urban and busy (and "hip") location, has turned my optimism sour. A little. I am beginning to suspect that the truth of humanity is not so bright, that people will not and do not rise to the occasion. I wish it were so. But I see so many people (smart, respected, well-educated people) that have NO curiosity, no adventure, no wonder, no interest in even the things around them. I'm not expecting theoretical physicists here. Just a little exploration of the world around them. In their jobs they are content to do just what's expected. Nothing more. And this is true in their personal lives, their entertainment, their family, etc. Just what everyone else does. No more. Maybe less. Sniff.

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