Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Meeting Dr. Zeus...

I finished reading "In the Garden of Iden" by Kage Baker last night. This is the first book of her "Company" series, stories about time travel and imortality - but really about the clash/prejudice (resulting from the immortality) between the immortal people "of the future" and the people in the past. Through technological means, children can be alterned so that they can't die. Those children found by Company agents to be doomed by their circumstances are "saved" and become agents themselves, altered and "taught" to work for the Company, saving other doomed things: plants, animals, art, other people, etc. for the good of the future.

I would have liked a little more technology, explanation and detail. That's what I really like in science fiction. In the previous books I read, the Catherine Asaro, Skolian Empire series, she, being a physicist, put a lot of really technical, math-y kind of things in it which may not be what some people like, but I loved. But I have heard that the later Company books get a little more technical so I'm looking forward to that. This first book is a very interesting play on human prejudice, the human condition, and human nature. Very good and well-recommended.

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