Thursday, 28 July 2005

Movin' on...

Not yet, but we're slowly getting ready. I've still got my interview on August 12th so I'm looking forward to that, preparing and all, but regardless of the outcome, we're moving anyway so now we're just trying to clear out as much of the garbage we've been collecting for a while now and make our packing and moving as simple as possible. Hopefully, after this move there will be very little moving afterward. We're hoping to get a house (crossing every finger) and finally have somewhere where we can settle down and spread out a bit.

On a related note, don't you hate when dinky little dollar stores insist that you leave all bags and backpacks at the front when you come in? Like I'm going to steal your crappy little stuff. I just turn around and leave when that happens now. Screw them. The ironic thing is that the last time that happened, I was going to spend a whole bunch of money on plastic bins with lids for packing our stuff. I'll just be going somewhere else now. Again, I reiterate... screw them.


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to you get up here! Your most beautiful niece in the whole wide world is waiting for you!

She needdddsss LOOOVVEEE from her uncle and auntie!!!


J&T&M Thomas

stark said...

"Loovveee"? How is that pronounced? Lou Vee? I don't even know what that is? *laugh*

We can't wait either. It'll be really great to be back home (sorta). Back to the land of ketchup chips and Big Turk candy bars! *laugh*