Thursday, 4 August 2005

Ends justify the beginnings...

Second last day of work... So much to do and now the day is over. I only have time for the absolutely necessary stuff. Oh well. It'll be good to be done. I like change. I like the idea of moving on to another job, another place, other people, other things to do, other things to see... Change, change, change. It's cool.

I finished the third Kage Baker book, "Mendoza in Hollywood". It went back to Mendoza as the first person narrator and takes place in 1862 (I think) where Hollywood will eventually be. The story is actually really short, having an incredibly long introduction, setting up the charactersm, the setting, and the situation and then just throwing us into the real point of the plot: the "reincarnation" of the Englishman that Mendoza fell in love with in the first book (and then watched burn at the stake) has impossibly come into the picture as virtually the same person with a similar (if not secular) doom. This sets us up for the fourth in the series, which I am reading now, in which Joseph and Lewis (friends of Mendoza) quietly struggle against the Company to find out where she has been banished to after flipping out in a rage after her lover dies a second time.

So, how's about you?

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