Saturday, 6 August 2005

Make it last...

LAST DAY OF WORK!!!! Woo hoo!! It has been great working here... A few complaints but nothing worth mentioning right now. Overall, it's been a great experience and I have met a lot of great people (who I hope to stay in contact with) and read a lot of great books. Of course, I guess I could have done that last one anywhere... *laugh*

Like I said before, I like change. I really looking forward to doing new things:

  1. Working out and eating right. I really have got to get in shape and start taking care of myself. I'm getting older by the minute... by definition.
  2. Working on some of the projects I keep meaning to. I need to get back to writing, learning things, doing extra library and philosophy stuff. You know, my usual story.
  3. Growing up. Living in an apartment, no matter how old I am, just feels like being not-quite-grown-up to me. I want a house. I need a house. I need to be a neato adulty type person.

That's about it. There's billions more, but I've got to get back to work and finish my last day. Hopefully I'll be able to come back here and keep regularly adding entries but if you don't see anything new for a while, don't worry. I'll just be moving or something. Seeya!


Anonymous said...


It has been great having you here. Great working with you. Tanks for being patient and an excellent supervisor. Sorry, for bothering you too much.

Enjoy your books and hope to talk to you again soon.


Oh, another thing take your time with the flash drive. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry about the spelling earror. I meant, thanks for being patient.


andie said...

...hence the reading frenzy! Now I understand. :)

Where're you moving to?

andie said...

Hey. :) Wonder why you haven't updated lately. I'm just dropping by to say my URL redirection doesn't work anymore, so you might want to change "" to plain ""

See you around!

Debbie said...

Well, you are making your last entry last. :-P Come on update, your blog already, it is getting boring.

Talk to you later,
Debbie :)

Anonymous said...

D00d! Update your blog! Your QL homies want news!