Thursday, 27 October 2005

Losing things...

My daughter lost her first tooth yesterday. I had totally forgotten about her losing teeth until she started wiggling it around (ewww...). And the tooth fairy came last night and gave her 2 dollars for the yucky thing! What does the tooth fairy exactly do with these teeth: make necklaces? grind them down? build castles? sell them to people without teeth? Hopefully, I find out soon.

Making some progress on painting our bedroom. (It will be Scotland Isle Green. Isn't that prescious?) Yes, I said good-bye to that horrible baby blue paint before covering it up.

And I'm finishing reading that Al Franken book, the one about liars. He's funny, but boy is it depressing after example upon example. And I don't even live in that country!!! Anymore. Can't we all just get along and tell the truth and be nice and... I don't know. C'mon people.

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andie said...

I think she grinds it and makes calcium pellets out of it to sell to osteoporotic people. Eck.