Thursday, 6 October 2005

My little princess and my royal chariot...

Stayed up late painting my daughters room. The colour we chose for her (with some suggestions from her) was a deep purple. (And no, we're not painting my son's room a lighter shade of pale.) It's called "Robes of the Queen" or something like that, from the (gag) Disney collection of paint colours. We're going to do her room up all princess-y and stuff... She's gonna plotz! It looks really good I think. I just realized I should have taken pictures. I'm gonna have to remember to do that before we put all her stuff in and she messes it all up!

I think I might regularly take the bus to and from work. We've got a car but parking is either (possibly) convenient and expensive or free and time-consuming. Then there's the price of gas. Wee. But the monthly bus pass is about the same price as a parking pass, I don't have to wait 6 months to get one, and riding the bus ain't so bad. It doesn't take too long and I can take one bus, practically door to door. And I can read!!! Woo hoo!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Yiddish lesson? Now what does, Mazel Tov mean? Hint that's Hebrew.

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry about that I was a little evil.

A lot of people think Mazel Tov is congradulations, but it means. "Good Luck!"

Mazel = Luck
Tov = Good

So Good Luck with your home decorating.