Wednesday, 30 November 2005


I took a St. John's Ambulance Standard First Aid course over the last two full days: learned all about AR (already knew that pretty well), CPR, how to approach an emergency situation, splints, slings, bandaging (a little), burns, etc. Pretty cool. Of course, I work in a health sciences library with usually at least 20 medical/nursing/rehab students studying at any given time plus possible health faculty and/or doctors regularly walking through. I should NOT be the first person people come to in an emergency. But it's good to have at home and in other places. I think I'm pretty confident with many things but I'm going to try to keep practicing and reading to keep "in shape".

I'm still sick. Well not really. I think I'm just getting different things, one after the other. But I'm practically better now. Just a little cough now. Hopefully, I'll be immunized against everything after going through all this.

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