Wednesday, 23 November 2005

I'm sick again...

... a little. *sniff*


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!


Dan said...

So are we. Mary's tonsils are hurting, andf we both have low grade fevers.

I hope we all feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Does having an Anxiety attack at work count as being sick?

Jenn W. ...insanw friend of Mella.

stark said...

Debbie: Getting there... *grumble*

Dan: I think everybody's got something lately.

Jenn: Yes. Absolutely. Unless you're getting them everyday. Then it just means that you're just coming to grips with how small we all are in the big scheme of things and that should be in your job description, right? *laugh*

Anonymous said...

I swear that there is a "secret Job description" that work keeps hidden. I hope that you fare better than me. ;)