Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Sick and tired...

Whew... Busy few days.

Over the weekend, we continued the painting saga that will soon be converted into a 3 part opera complete with tuba solo. Painting USED to be fun. Now, I'm not quite sure. (We've finished it last night, at least what we're painting for now...) We also wandered around the shopping mall "district" buying up everything we could find! Well, just the stuff we really needed: a bed (Woohoo! No more back problems!), a couch (Woohoo! No more back problems!), bedding (to keep us warm while we're not breaking our backs), more clothes for my daughter (which has nothing to do with our backs), etc. etc. etc.

Of course, Monday was Halloween. My daughter went out as Alice in Wonderland. Very cute. I wanted to get a white rabbit costume for My son but none could be found... What was found was a ridiculous looking strawberry hat that sits on the top of his head! It's hilarious, and he will hate us when he grows up and is faced with us showing everyone the pictures! *laugh*

We really expected more people to come around to our house trick-or-treating but we had no more than about a hundred. Of course, one street over, there were like a thousand kids running back and forth, around and around: It was a sight. I don't know what the difference was: home size, number of children living on the street, type of house... Whatever. We made out like bandits because of it! I'd better not eat too much candy too fast...

And finally, I'm sick. We're all sick. Not because of the candy, just a cold or something. I stayed home from work yesterday. Got a lot done regardless (raking the front lawn - to get fresh air, cleaning up and moving things to make room for the furniture being delivered, and spent some time with the kids). I hate staying home but I was really feeling tired and sluggish so I stayed home. I'm a little better today, good enough at least to go to work.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

What, no pictures of your kids dressed up? :)

Well, at least you had more trick or treaters then we did, we only had two.