Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Learn from the post...

This has got a few good points, such as:
  1. Don't let the past be your guide.
  2. Cultivate personal traits and general skills.
  3. Be prepared to admit and rectify your mistakes.
  4. Read outside of the profession.
  5. It's about the user, stupid.
  6. Seek self-reliance.
  7. A little humility goes a long way.

I think that the most important thing in this article is that "the solution for needing to teach our users how to search our catalog was to create a system that didn't need to be taught". People don't want to learn, to have to take a course, to have to sit down and figure something out. They want to sit down in front of it and have it automatically spit out results at them. We all know the world doesn't really work that way but if someone does that for you, you will give them all your money to make sure they keep doing it. *laugh*

Also, it's always good to be a generalist. But of course, that's not what people want. People want to see a list of programs/tools/technologies you've worked with on your resume. They don't want to see "fast learner" or "good communication skills" and have to derive the specifics. They'd rather see "codes in Perl" or "Types 1000wpm" and then assume that those skills translate into something more general. I guess people prefer induction to deduction... Weird.

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