Thursday, 26 January 2006

Arguably, a good day...

Still reading "Eye of the World" and "Managing E-learning Strategies". I've really got to put down the fiction for a while and concentrate on what I HAVE to read instead. But fiction is so much fun! But it's so unproductive... But it's fun! But you don't LEARN anything... *my two sides arguing*

Had an interesting day yesterday. My wife's an American citizen and we've recently moved back to Canada and for her paperwork we needed a copy of our marriage certificate. No problem except that we needed it right away and they typically take 6-8 weeks to find and send it out. So I had to take the day off work and drive for over three hours into the heart of Toronto (900 Bay Street) from Kingston and get it "expedited". When I get there, there's NO lineup (wonder of wonders at a government agency) but then they say "nope!", I don't have the proper "proof of urgency" and they show me a list of what DOES qulaify as "proof of urgency", two of them being AIRPLANE TICKETS and WEDDING INVITATIONS. So, my showing them documents saying that my wife would be kicked out of the country, leaving her husband and two young children isn't urgent enough but someone waltzing in there with two tickets to Aruba gets a "Right away, sir!" Fortunately, the lady said I could talk to her manager who promptly said it was ok. Evrything was ok but she had me panicing a little there. I had just driven a long way, had taken the day off work, had a rapidly approaching deadline for this thing, and, to top it all off, the money situation was pretty tight (Let's just say that I drove without the radio on so that I could conserve gas... *laugh*).

Anyway... So how was YOUR day?

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