Monday, 30 January 2006

Well-toiled machine...

Finally... a rather productive weekend.

Got some important paperwork worked on for my wife's permanent residence application. It's so difficult trying to figure out what these people want sometimes and why they need us to run around getting documents from agencies they could probably deal with directly. Oh well, we're trying our best.

Discussed some renovation ideas. We've developed themes for all the rooms in our new house including a title (to center our ideas), keywords (to inspire regarding details) and colour schemes (primary colour, accent colours), as well as rethinking layout and what furniture/appliances/toys will be needed. For example, we thought about the downstairs bathroom: Theme: Celebrity; Keywords: Retro 50s, Old Hollywood, Martini Lounge, etc.; Colours: Red, White, Black, Chrome. We want to move things around and would like to fit in a shower down there if possible. And just outside the door there will be a little seat (for waiting your turn *laugh*) that will be "telephone-booth" styled (since it will be between our "Urban Night" Media Room and our "London" Laundry/Kitchenette. Cool, eh?

I completed my review on "Managing E-Learning Strategies". It's a good book. If you're interested in that sort of thing: the actual development of e-learning stuff. So I'll get it looked over by some colleagues and submit it to our new journal.

I also worked out a protocol for naming our photos on the computer. It's simple and obvious but I think it will work best: Year, Month, Day, and 24-hour time the picture was taken (with a letter afterward to differentiate between two pictures taken within the same minute), with 99 acting as the day if it's not known, and 0001-9999 for the time if that's not known. (For example, "200508251423b" would be a picture taken on August 25th, 2005 at 2:23 in the afternoon with at least one other picture having been taken at that time.) It's an easily accessible and somewhat meaningful unique identifier, and can be used for virtual any photo without resorting to complicated subject classification rules. All that info can be put in the files property fields. Yeah, I'm a librarian.

I'm really working on Jordan's "Eye of the World". I'm up to the part where Perrin and Egwene have left the Tuatha'an, Rand and Mat have escaped from the Fade through Thom's "sacrifice", and Lan, Moiraine and Nynaeve have arrived in Whitebridge. It's really hard reading a book and series like this after so long. It's difficult trudging through the potatoes of detail building up to the real meat of discovery of powers and important roles for certain characters. I can't wait until Rand gets really powerful and starts runnin' the show!!! *giggle*

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