Thursday, 2 February 2006

Getting better...

Damn! Didn't exercise this morning. OR yesterday morning. I'm really slacking! I gotta get back to it. Tomorrow... I promise.

Worked on my annual report for work today. I really find it difficult to brag about myself sometimes (no, really, it's true!) and so writing something like a report on how I'm kicking ass in my job is not the easiest thing to write. But boy, it feels good when you've finally got it down and it fills up page after page. You don't really realize how much you've really done until it's written down and described in brutal detail. Makes you feel like maybe you're useful after all. At least for a little while.

Also, the library system has posted an advertisement for the position of "Web Development Librarian"... I'm going to apply for it. I know I'm qualified and it would really be a fun job. As you've probably guessed I like doing web stuff, designing and learning new technologies. It should be more money but more importantly it would be a more permanent job in the areas (geographical and professional) I want to be in. Now if I could only get the opportunity to boss some people around like in my last job it would be perfect! *laugh* But really, I like helping people on the reference desk but working on web resources more would really help more people on a wider scale. And be fun too!

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