Monday, 13 March 2006

Dem's the breaks...

Well, I'm a man now.

I created a box. Out of wood. Using power tools. Yes!

It's not the most beautiful thing in the world. But I learned a lot, namely, get better wood and get the right hardware. Since I was just playing around really, I just used stuff I found around the house. Fortunately the guy who used to live in the house we bought was a real handy man and left tons of wood and stuff around. Some of the stuff he left is pretty cool: a stand to turn a hand drill into a drill press, long piano hinges, hooks, fence hardware, model train motors, etc.

Oh, and I also worked on my IM reference article that I'm writing for the Journal of Hospital Librarianship. I wrote a whole bunch after having organized my ideas and facts and quotes but then I lost a couple paragraphs because I'm an idiot! *laugh* Oh well.

The kids are at my mom's. Or at least they were. I think they are on their way back as I type this. My mom's going to keep my daughter for a few more days so we'll just have my son to take care of. It will be a nice little break. Mostly for my wife who has to take care of them while I'm at work. At least with a baby/toddler you have periodic naps. And they're not constantly talking and singing and asking for things. Don't you love kids? *laugh*

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