Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Good job, but...

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So, Minister Clement Announces Expansion of Hospital-Based Smoking Cessation Programs... This is of course a good thing. People need to stop smoking, they need help doing it, and what better time and place that when they are in the hospital? But why do these things always come as special cases? It should be pretty obvious by now that smoking ain't the healthiest thing for you, and yet it takes the Minister of Health to say, "Hey, maybe those health care people need some money to help people stop killing themselves..."

And I make the assumption that health care professionals (read doctors, nurses, rehab therapists, etc.) are the best ones to help stop this problem, but are they? My colleagues and I sit in our staff room and watch as a steady stream of these health-conscious professionals come outside to smoke. I'm not saying that they are not good at their jobs. Quite the contrary. It's actually the fact that they can live in both worlds without connecting the two that astounds me. Too many people seem unable to carry over the understanding they have gained in one part of their life to others. Too often do people blame others for things they do regularly, or want to restrict the freedoms of certain people in ways that they themselves would not tolerate.

People are weird.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Matt, people are weird. :) And yay, you finally updated your blog.