Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Father figuring...

As a father, I've always been concerned about my effect on my children... There're constant assumptions that fathers both are not as important in their children's lives as the mother is, and that we simply do not (and perhaps cannot) do enough for our children socially and emotionally. I have tried to really think about my effect on my children and to be a good father, friend, supporter, teacher, etc. to them. I've made mistakes like the best of us but I think I've done a good job.

This news item makes the pretty obvious (at least to me) claim that, among other things, the relationship someone has with their father, tends to have an effect on other relationships later in life. It doesn't really go into details, so if you're looking for tips, you'll be dissappointed. It basically says be there and have a good relationship with your kids. Duh. Hopefully there'll be more research. For now, we'll just have to try our best, attempt to integrate all the other advice, and be a good person overall. Damn. And I thought this child-rearing thing was going to be easy! LOL

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Jennifer said...

Pffffttt wuteva! Of course fathers are important for children's development. Just go ahead and pretend that some of the issues in our society aren't related to the number of father-less children out there. As a woman, I married a man who is similar to my father. My husband treats me the way my father treats my mother (which happens to be very well). The pattern of alcohol and abuse is passed down from parents...any parent. Dr. Phil always says that the most uninfluential person in a child's life is the same-sex parent.

A father role models to a daughter how men should treat her. A father role models to his son how he should treat women and how he should resolve conflict. Father's are just as important as mother's in my opinion. A father will teach trouble-shooting and problem-solving while a mother will teach communication and empathy. Different roles and none worth less than another.

I really wish people would stop giving fathers the shaft on this.