Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Far from hardly working...

OMG. I am a mass of aching flesh and fatigue. Not only have I been riding my bike back and forth to work everyday, but today I also rode over to RMC today to check out their library and test my proxy access for the conference I'm presenting at soon: EOSET 2007. Woot!

And to top it all off, I insanely cut the lawn yesterday after work (it needed it... neighbourhood children were missing) and I transplanted, about a billion day lilies. Ok, it wasn't a billion and it was only a few feet away but they grow in one solid mass of bulbs (I first spelled it "blubs" and really considered leaving it that way) and go pretty deep, though not as deep as I feared, so thank you Day Lily God (or Goddess, probably). I put them all under this evergreen we have in the back yard, as they're the only things insane enough to grow under there. And it gives me more room to plant some REAL plants: tomatoes, carrots, onions maybe... Which will be even more work outside... What do I have, a death wish?!? LOL I don't even like the outdoors all that much. Gawd.

Hey, I can't remember whether I mentioned that I submitted an article to the Queen's Gazette a while ago. I'm trying to publish as much as I can, and it also fulfilled my final requirement for my Focus on Foundations teaching certificate. Sweet. Two-fer.

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Anonymous said...

What about planting celery?

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