Thursday, 10 May 2007

To do list...

Here's some sites that I found out about through Marylaine Block's "Neat New Stuff I Found This Week":
  • LibSite: A Recommendation Service for Library-related Websites
    Reviews of interesting and important web resources for librarians; feel free to add your own recommendations.
  • NPR Podcasts Directory
    This 2007 Webby and People's Voice award-winner includes over 450 podcasts from member radio stations on a wide range of topics - Car Talk, Speaking of Pets, The 90-Second Naturalist, Sports with Frank DeFord, GeekSpeak, and more. Browse by topic, title, or provider.
  • Reading Stack at Flickr
    Here's a fun meme to spread: take a photo of the pile of books you're hoping to get around to reading. Then, once you've finished one from the stack, post a comment on it.
Now, of course, I have to get someone to recommend my sites on, check out all these podcasts, and build and photograph a pile of books to read. This is "Internet" thing is NOT helping me finish my To Do list. It just adds to it! I can't wait until the fad dies down. LOL

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