Sunday, 16 September 2007

Coming: Top 3 LIS Blogs...

Top Three Library-Related Blogs Survey from Information Wants To Be Free

Ok, I did my part and submitted my top three... No, I ain't gonna tell you, although one of my choices should be pretty obvious. LOL The most interesting part of this is actually the comments Meredith's survey has sparked: so many people arguing for or against the idea of ranking of this kind.

I'll have to put in my two cents... I like it for two reasons: One. I like to find out how other people think. I know which lib-blogs I like but that very often has little or nothing to do with what other people think so it's good to see how I differ (or not). Two. I'm afraid I like what stevenb refers to as an "unwelcome atmosphere of competitiveness". Although not always welcome, competition and competitiveness can bring more enthusiasm and quality into an arena like this. I admit, I would like to have a more popular blog! I would like to be able to contribute more widely than I do because I think my ideas have worth (please comment if you have anything to say to that... LOL).

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