Thursday, 10 January 2008

U.S.'s first Carnegie Library in jeopardy...

Having just come across this news item, this is the first I've heard about the fact that America's first Carnegie Library, "Allegheny Regional Branch", is in jeopardy. Following a damaging lightning strike, they are planning on starting a new building a few blocks away to house the library instead.

Look at this library! What an amazing building! If only all libraries looked this amazing... we'd have NO problem convincing people we were valuable and important. A building like this shouts out dignity and worth, not to mention history and power. What a shame for the profession to lose such a building. And, from reading the article and surrounding comments, the community may lose the building too, since there is a distinct possibility that it may not be occupied if the library doesn't stay there.

Who knows... maybe there are structural or ventilation problems that can't be fixed? I don't know. But I can't believe that it would be cheaper (not just in money but in value to everyone involved) to build something completely new and leave this landmark to rot.

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