Sunday, 25 May 2008

Square Peg and a round Al...

Re: The Krafty Librarian's post "Life as a Healthcare CIO".

Summary: Article about how hospital IT decisions are strictly limited due to HIPPA and money, but that this hurts many parts of the hospital including the library.

Absolutely. But I certainly don't blame the IT people. Well, not by themselves.

KL says that she feels that "hospital IT departments lack an adequate method to proactively address these situations where the round peg does not fit into the square hole." Totally. But so does EVERYONE else in the world. We all have a difficult time foreseeing potential problems and how they could be planned for or seeing anything but your own processes, practices and problems, that is, we do if we even try either at all.

Of course, difficulty and lack of trying is not an excuse. IT departments and everyone else SHOULD be solving the problems that they have a hand in creating and can do something about.

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