Monday, 4 August 2008

Recent interview and public speaking...

Just had an interview on Friday for the position of "Reference and Government Information Librarian" at the local public library. Although I've gotten used to being an academic librarian for the past few years, the job description (responsible for the government documents, electronic resources as well as the reference collection) sounds like something that I would do well at and really enjoy as well, as well as being a lot of work (which I don't mind of course). They said that it shouldn't be too long until they make their decision, so I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for them to contact me. I'm still applying for others whatever the case but it would great if I got this one.

How come it's exactly those events that you want to happen inspire in me a reaction that makes it even more difficult for it to come to pass? The more you want the job, the more nervous you are during the interview, and therefore the less "perfect" they see your effort at impressing them. I can speak in front of a class full of total strangers including professors, doctors, whatever, and have no problem, but the second I have to speak to a small group of people about how awesome I am at whatever, I feel the god (or demon rather) of chickening out descend on my little head.

Anyway, I feel good about this one. Wish me luck!

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