Thursday, 19 February 2009

Movin' on up...

A couple events in the past few days have made me feel excited for the future.

As I've probably mentioned before, I'm the chair of my kids' school's Parent Advisory Council. I haven't been chair for very long and this is the first position like this I've had outside of the world of librarianship so I got off to a rather slow start: merely arranging for meetings, creating agendas, piping in with suggestions and questions when appropriate. But not knowing the community or the school or the processes as much as the others, I felt a little cautious about proposing things and directing them in any way. But as I've learned more and listened more, I feel more confident in a leadership role. I love coming up with ideas and ways to see them through. In the past couple meetings, I've started us down the path of improving communication to the parents and just recently started a wiki to act as the school council's web site.

And just today, I got a call from Hamilton Public Library that they would like to interview me for the position of Branch Manager. I just had a phone interview yesterday and apparently they were sufficiently impressed that they want me to continue on down the process. I've loved working as a health sciences librarian in the position I have now, but it's always been a temporary position and it's coming to an end soon so I have to move on. I worked as a public librarian and supervisor before so I know I would do well and have a great time back there so I crossing my fingers on this one. I've applied to a whole bunch of positions in a wide variety of places and fields and levels but this one would be uber leet. LOL

Everything's coming up Milhouse! Good times FTW!

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