Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Parent Hacks: A tips blog for parents

I have subscribed to a great blog called Lifehacker (http://lifehacker.com/) for some time now and although it's a veritable avalanche of entries in my feed reader every single day that I can barely keep up with, I do continue to keep up with it because it's got a lot of great ideas.

Now, I've recently come across a blog called Parent Hacks (http://www.parenthacks.com/) and I'm thinking that if you can just fit "hack" somewhere in your blog title, you've got an instant winner. (This one was inspired by the computer books in the "O'Reilly Hacks" series (http://hacks.oreilly.com/) which are also excellent. This is an excellent site of "hacks" for parents, such as a long list of tips for getting read for Halloween (http://www.parenthacks.com/2009/09/halloween-tips.html), a suggestion to update your resume before leaving a job to take care of the kids (http://www.parenthacks.com/2009/09/update-your-resume-before-you-leave-your-job-to-stay-home-with-the-kids.html), and the most recent one as I write this, "In the Parent Toolbox: New Foods Chart" (http://www.parenthacks.com/2009/09/in-the-parent-toolbox-new-foods-chart.html) which suggests a simple practice of recording your child's/children's eating habits and encouraging them to expand their horizons.

This is an excellent (and regularly updated) blog, written by 3 mothers/writers, full of useful and interesting tidbits of info for those of us with small children. Check it out at http://www.parenthacks.com/ and then come back and tell me what you think.

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