Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Librarians are sexy? Are you sure?

Came across this list of "8 Sexy Movie Librarians":
  • Rachel Weisz -- Evelyn Carnahan in The Mummy
  • Ingrid Pitt -- Librarian in The Wicker Man
  • Florence Stone Fevergeon -- Lady in Library in Tomcats
  • Michelle Williams -- Emily in The Station Agent
  • Julia Roberts -- Laura Burney in Sleeping with the Enemy
  • Natasha Richardson -- Mary in The Comfort of Strangers
  • Rene Russo -- Lynn Wells in Major League
  • Bridget Fonda -- Sarah in A Simple Plan
I'm not sure I agree with statements like "...you can’t help but fantasize about the sexy librarian." (from "8 Sexy Movie Librarians") or "The librarian holds... power, ... the kind of power that comes from controlling knowledge. ... power is sexy." (from "8 Sexy Movie Librarians").  Sexy is good but I'm not sure what being a librarian adds to the mix.  Of course, maybe I'm too close to the issue.  Being a librarian, I know and am around librarians all the time, 90% of whom are women, so their profession doesn't add anything to the mix for me.  But maybe that's the point...  Perhaps it's the fact that what librarian's do for the most part is relatively unknown by the general public and that mystery is part of the allure.

Any ideas?

[ In reference to "8 Sexy Movie Librarians" from EgoTV, found via "8 Sexy Movie Librarians" from Listicles ]

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