Friday, 19 November 2010

Coolendar: Not for me. Maybe for you?

Checked out Coolendar. This was described to me in the Lifehacker article I read about it as "an alternate take on calendars, turning the matrix-style calendar into a more simplified list."

True enough. Although later they say "a little more like a to-do list than a calendar", I would have to stick with calendar mostly. Although it looks like a to-do list, since everything seems to require a date and a time (it sets an item for 11pm if you don't specify a time), this is a calendar in list form. A very pretty list mind you. Very easy to look at, to play around with, to navigate. And entering items is pretty easy: type the date, time and some text and it creates and organizes it for you. There are ready made lists: all, today, tomorrow, and month. You can mark some things as important and there's a separate list for them.

But I'm a little OCD when it comes to date/data management. I may like a simple tool to begin with but I inevitably think of things I wish it could do, and if it doesn't do it, then I feel cramped. I want this to handle non-time-limited items. I want to be able to add more information than just when and what. I want to postpone things. I want to set things as due in the past. The list goes on. I guess I've been spoiled by Remember the Milk.

It also made me a little angry that it gets 12 am and 12 pm mixed up. Doh!

Bottom line: Not powerful enough for what would want, but good for a simple date/time based reminder system.

[ Informed of Coolendar's existence through Lifehacker's article "Coolendar Is a Half Calendar, Half To-Do List Webapp" ]

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