Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Da Big House 2.0

In Florida... or Hawaii?
Corrections needs a new paradigm... designed to target recidivism and drive cost reduction via a bold, new approach: a continuum of care through public-private partnerships (PPPs). PPPs are simply government contracts with private sector prison operators or service vendors to provide a range of correctional services... Expanding the use of PPPs to create a continuum of care in corrections — one that follows offenders from intake, through prisons and into post-release services — would create a more integrated and coordinated system of programming and management to provide as ideal a programming continuum as possible to optimize outcomes while lowering costs.

Not often does "2.0" in the news refer to an actual "social network" of sorts rather than simple improvement.

Read more of "Corrections 2.0: A Proposal to Create a Continuum of Care in Corrections Through Public-Private Partnerships" in Hawaii Reporter

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