Monday, 31 January 2011

Spider-Man 2.0

So I guess there will be a new restart of the silver screen Spiderman series. From one of the "Comic Book Movie Fansites" called "Sir Edward and Spidey", we are treated to what "would be [the author's] perfect cast for the Spider-Man Reboot" with a blog entry entitled "Spider-Man Reboot Fan Cast ( 'A Not Too Shabby' 2.0!)"

I like this use of "2.0". It's not just a 2nd edition but a renewal of the 2.0'ed thing in question. It's not just a second step in a positive direction but a rethinking of the first step taken. It's both. I like it.

[ Check out Sir Edward and Spidey's full cast suggestion for the new Spiderman movie. ]

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