Sunday, 27 February 2011

"2.0" from February 20, 2011

Big haul from the 20th:

Boho Chic 2.0 - "Matthew Williamson moves further and further away from that dreamy, flowing look–the look that made him king of the boho chic set. // Today’s show, much like last season’s, was an updated idea of boho..."

Life 2.0 - "Davies, who chairs SETI’s "welcome committee" (if and when creatures from other planets decide to pay us a visit), is dedicated to finding Life 2.0, and he’s betting that it’s on Earth. Life 2.0, part of which he refers to as a Shadow Biosphere, is any life that cannot be traced to the Darwinian Tree of Life, from which all known organisms have sprung."

Capitalism 2.0 - "Business as we know it has no capacity to offer most people what they need. // I think that the real new economy is going to emerge out of desperation and out of this failure. ... [a] model [that] brings us all back together where as the old model splits us all up. // So with this wealth model come also wealth distribution. A new better form of capitalism."

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