Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"2.0" from February 7, 2011

How did the media use "2.0" yesterday? I'll tell you...

Internet 2.0 - "Though the United States has not exhausted its supply of allotted IPv4 addresses, the proliferation of mobile devices is straining reserves. So tech companies are ramping up a migration to the next-generation Internet, IPv6..."

Tom Ford 2.0 - "The designer... was ushering in a new era of personal luxury, designed with the customer in mind, not the critic."

Revolution 2.0 - "The social media’s finest hour: journalists and activists in Egypt are capturing the uprising as it happens, on Twitter, Facebook and image-sharing sites like Flickr."

CRM 2.0 - "Merkle (www.merkleinc.com), the nation’s fastest growing customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency, today published a new whitepaper entitled CRM 2.0: Customer Strategy as a Business Strategy - Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage in a New Digital World"

Crash Proof 2.0 - "...about government overspending, the decline of the USD and impending financial collapse which we are already in the midst of, but still have a long way to go through yet. ... The [book]... give[s] great information and suggestions to help get through the next few years of economic turmoil."

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