Monday, 28 February 2011

A librarian who actually DID read the whole library!

Finding the right book for the right kid is a tricky job for any school librarian.

It's easier, of course, if you're read the whole library.

That's just what Blendon Middle School librarian Karen Yingling wanted to do, pledging to read all of the library's hardcover fiction books. Nine years and more than 6,000 books later, she's finally done.


The busy librarian even has chronicled every book she's read since 2006, along with a short review of each, on her blog, Ms. Yingling Reads (
I don't know if it was a good idea to actually fulfill the myth of the librarian reading every book... On the other hand, perhaps it was good since news like this might point out that she is a singular exception to the normal state of affairs.

Whatever the result, she did make me laugh: "Reading the 6,000-plus books was a long and sometimes bumpy road, Yingling said. She loved the funny books, but trudged through the fantasies starring talking animals."

[ Quotes and thought provoked by "Volume (d)one: Librarian reads entire collection" by Brett Nuckles from Columbus Local News on February 23, 2011 ]

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