Monday, 18 April 2011

"2.0" catch up

Anti-Semitism 2.0: "The concept of the "evil Jew" has made a well-disguised comeback: Criticizing Israel and Zionists, is now deemed a legitimate option to cursing Jews and Judaism." (from Hudson New York)

Egypt revolution 2.0: "...the revolution is not yet finished. But two months since the beginning of the revolution that toppled Egypt’s president, ideas are diverging on how to continue the fight. Some of the young people who played a key part in the movement see reason to continue taking their demands to the street, while others find the battle now lies in political organization and mobilization ahead of upcoming elections." (from Christian Science Monitor)

Ad icons 2.0: "The Old Spice guy may not be as orthodox an icon as the Marlboro Man, but his success sets high expectations era for online advertising, as well as some lessons. Although not a necessity, it helps to catch the eye and entertain — this is where ads migrate from the realm of advertising to content." (from hindustantimes)

Payment 2.0: "...the future of consumer payment transactions. The company today announced Serve, a set of applications designed to let users make payments more easily online or with mobile phones via special accounts funded by credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts." (from cnet News)

Data 2.0: "The Data 2.0 Conference will provide a forum for exploring the convergence of information on the web, featuring sessions that will examine hot topics including the implications of data ownership, responsibility and privacy." (from PR Newswire)

Tsunami 2.0: "Following the now infamous earthquake and tsunami in Japan, can social media be used for the social good of a country in crisis?" (from PacificaPatch)

ATM 2.0: "ATM machines today can process cash and check deposits without envelopes. It’s also why some new ones can be operated with a mobile phone instead of a bank card, and why many can operate under almost any environmental condition. In the years ahead, ATMs will feature biometric identification capabilities, intuitive pictograms to assist illiterate customers and more." (from Forbes)

Newspapers 2.0: "...publisher of The Daytona Beach News-Journal, who is adding $25 to the salary of any employee able to sell a three-month subscription, $50 for six months." (from

Life 2.0: "The Science Exchange’s latest art exhibition – LIFE 2.0 – explores how our notions of nature and technology may need to change in an era in which we design hybrid and synthetic life forms and can rebuild nature from the ground up." (from Messenger Community News)

The Royal Nonesuch 2.0: "Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Tour..." "...ever read Huckleberry Finn? Remember The Royal Nonesuch? That's pretty much what this is: all they had to do was sell the tickets; the show itself is secondary at best." (from NowPublic)

Class warfare 2.0: "Over the past four decades, Upstairs, Downstairs has been watched by more than one billion people..." "Now, for the first time since it went off the air in 1977, the series will debut three new episodes (with more to follow in 2012), providing a long-awaited coda to the original..." (from the Calgary Herald)

Journalism 2.0: "Does the journalist who reported on a Quran burning by a right-wing pastor in Florida last month share some of the blame for the deaths of 24 people in Afghanistan in the wake of that event? And is the fact that they died some kind of indictment of the evolution of digital media, or 'Journalism 2.0?'" (from gigaom)

Conservative values appeal, version 2.0: "The Conservative approach is, in some ways, a manifestation of social conservatism, but one that leaves behind some of the accompanying moral debates." (from the Globe & Mail)

Recycling 2.0: "The free collection, which also included document shredding, was part of the mall's Earth Day celebration. The public was encouraged to bring their old computers and other electronics to the mall for recycling, rather than throw them away and risk releasing hazardous materials into the air or water." (from

Palin 2.0: "...all signs point to [Michele] Bachmann running for the Republican presidential nomination later this year." (from abc NEWS)

Treatment 2.0: "Treatment 2.0 is a concept launched in November 2010 by UNAIDS and WHO that calls for a radically simplified treatment platform. Its viability and implementation at country level will determine the level of success in the response to HIV in the coming years." (from UNAIDS)

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