Monday, 16 May 2011

"2.0" from May 15, 2011

Mentions of 2.0 in the news from Sunday, May 15, 2011:

Decision 2.0 (from RUMOR: KEVIN DURANT WANTS THE DECISION 2.0?): I don't know much about basketball but as the article says, this "decision 2.0" is about his future, his career, his contract(s). Not sure what 2.0 has to do with it. Is it the second decision, the first being to sign the contract in the first place? Or is it the publicity of the decision? Dunno. Any ideas?

NeGP 2.0 (from Mobile governance and NeGP 2.0): NeGP stands for national e-governance plan, which is actually a division of the dept of information technology in India. 2.0 seems to refer to the "citizen engagement" in the projects in this "plan".

Snake Oil 2.0 (from Snake Oil 2.0): This is an article about social media experts and how it's all a scam. 2.0 is being used as synonymous with Web 2.0, although Andy, the author (and not a good one at that), uses the phrase "Social Media 2.0" which seems redundant to me. Perhaps I've missed a meeting.

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