Monday, 27 June 2011

About HathiTrust

Thanks, Library Journal...  Just read "Unlocking HathiTrust: Inside the Librarians' Digital Library" an interview with some of those knowledgeable about the HathiTrust which is something, as a Canadian electronic resources librarian, I've heard about many times but not had the chance to really learn much about directly.

The HathiTrust is primarily about preserving the "cultural record" digitally and providing access to it as much as is legally allowed.  Most is not accessible to everyone, or even almost anyone, but the point is that it is preserved and ready, format-wise, to be accessible given the correct environment and technology in the future.

I've only had a chance to browse the collection briefly but the navigation looks simple and the design is clean.

I am interested in understanding more about the scope of the collection:  every "about" statement seems to be rather general in terms of what they are looking to add to the collection.  This is a collaboration of U.S. institutions so I'm assuming there is a bit of an American bias.  Perhaps there is a Canadian effort that is similar.  I haven't heard of such a thing but I am not all-knowing.  lol

Check out HathiTrust.

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