Sunday, 21 August 2011

Audacity of Hope 2.0

The Audacity of Hope 2.0. This is an article about how a young gay high school student has been standing up against Republicans against homosexuality, or at least same sex marriage, in Minnesota, and Michelle Bachmann in particular.

It's not clear what the 2.0 refers to in this article immediately. Is it youth? Is in the boy's desire to become involved in the political process and have some sort of an effect? But searching under the phrase "audacity of hope" brings up Obama's pre-presidential autobiography, "The Audacity of Hope". The phrase conjures the image and the commendability of someone who, in the face of incredible odds, still fights to be heard, to make a difference. This suggests that the 2.0 in the article in question is being used merely as a second part, another instance, a real life sequel to the first "Audacity of Hope" story.

[ The Audacity of Hope 2.0 from The Vital Voice ]

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