Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Science 2.0

In my usual search for all things 2.0, I came across the article "Magic Goggles And Enchanted Maps - Kind Of A Science 2.0 For Museums".  I'm usually looking for interesting uses of "2.0" in writing but this hit was from (and referring to) a site called Science 2.0. From the About Science 2.0® And Scientific Blogging® page, I learned that it's "a place where researchers could dive into direct science outreach and 'be journalists' and make science writing as accurate as they would like and the audience can get information directly from the source, without any editorial or corporate bias." So, in this context, the 2.0 here refers to both interactivity (on the part of content creators and vettors (sp?) as well as readers) and improvement in the way science information is communicated and received.

[ Check out Science 2.0 ]

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