Tuesday, 11 October 2011

"Day Zero" is bland to do list tool

I heard about "Day Zero" through Lifehacker. It says that "If you've got a list of a few things in your head that you really want to get done 'someday', consider actually writing them down at Day Zero." It claims that this will somehow motivate you.

Now, I'm all for productivity tools, tools to record my goals and my efforts, tools that will help me get done what I want and need to get done. But I'm not sure how this "Day Zero" is supposed to help. Writing your goals down is pretty much all it does. I can do that anywhere. It does allow you to write them all down and gives you a handy list, with tagging and a nice countdown feature but I'm afraid that that won't cut it for me. I already have a tool that will do that and more (RTM). Hell, I could do that with Excel.

But maybe you'll have a different take. Go check it out. Tell me if you see anything more to it than I can.

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