Monday, 21 May 2012

Ok, so the guy's funny AND interesting...

OLA 2012: 1900 "Gala Luncheon: Host, CBC's George Stoumboulopoulos" February 4, 2012, 12:15 PM - 2:30 PM (in the MTCC Bldg, Room 105/106)

Just some brief notes from this keynote:

  • Arrived early by ten minutes and sat with some teacher-librarians from KW.  We were served clam chowder, roast beef, choc cake...  /drool
  • Some kid named "Michael" was presented with an award having something to do with "media and communications"?  I wasn't really paying attention.
  • George talked briefly and then opened up the mics for a q and a session.
  • He was born shy.
  • Since his mother was poor and had 2+ jobs, we was alternatively babysat by the library (Albion Library) and a retirement home.
  • He's gotten rid of most of his books.
  • How to raise awareness?  Make a PR video.  Don't charge late fees.
  • Asking tough interviewees about their mothers always softens them up, even the big tough guys.  (Brian Burke)
  • Anecdote about Chretien:  He was mistaken for someone other than the interviewer when meeting Chretien in a pre-interview chat.  The PM said, when he was corrected, "Ok, yer de guy."
  • Miscellaneous:  Bruins jersey.  Habs fan.  Gays in hockey.  June Colwood's last interview.  He's not afraid to "go dark".  Malton.  Catholicism.
  • Will talk about ebooks on his show.
  • Tempted to leave Canada (not want to but may have to...  will get fired eventually).  Time at CBC has been an emotional railroad.  Nicknamed "bombouloupolus".  But CBC is about the people.  Canadians don't support each other enough.  No such phrase as "anti-Canadian".  Canada is young.
  • He doesn't plan out everything in his interviews.  Key:  find out about your interviewee's life when they were ten and remember the "human".
  • Goals are a mistake.
  • Documentaries on propaganda and cold war, war on terror
  • Went through several phases in his education.  But eventually he took a motorcycle course and saw radio broadcasting course in the list.  Considered the army.  Finally realized that grades are currency to buy diploma.  Fell in love with radio.  Slept at station when he worked there "as a kid".
  • Don't talk down to audience.  Fuck 'em if they dont get it.
  • He manage his own twitter feed.

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