Saturday, 21 August 2004

Bluebird on my shoulder...

As I was walking to the train station early this morning, I was thinking what a wonderful day it was : not too bright, not too dark, not too cold, not too warm, early enough to be reasonably quiet, but not so early that I was in a walking coma. I was thinking, "I should write about this in my blog, and oh what a happy entry 'twill be!"

Then I saw the train in the station, earlier than I thought, yelled [in my head] CRAP! and started to run [or at least walk briskly]. "Perhaps it's just early and will sit at the station for a while, since it's not due to leave for another 4 or 5 minutes, plenty of time to get across the street, through the courtyard, and up the stairs." I decided to run anyway, not very trusting of NJT as I am, and of course, just as I got up the stairs the doors shut and the train pulls away. I check my schedule and my memory of the schedule is off by 3 minutes.

I wouldn't mind so much exceptin' I now had to wait for about an hour and probably get to work JUST on time as opposed to a leisurely long hour early as I had planned. To add insult to injury [always like picturing an example of that], the subway then goes local [tacking on another 10 minutes to an already close ride] and stops midtunnel here and there, apparently lost in a long branchless tunnel. I was only 10 minutes late getting into work but this was not the happy lil' entry I was hoping for.

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