Monday, 23 August 2004

We better stop, hey, what's that sound...

Fight for the right to copy
Excellent summary and update concerning the ongoing and frustrating argument about peer-to-peer networks and record companies. I understand the record companies' point. They own the music, they don't want people listening to it without being compensated in some way. But music is meant to be listened to, enjoyed and shared. Think of some other way to get our money, fellas.

The author of the above article brings up a very good plan, a plan I myself have been doing, a plan I think everyone who likes the idea of file sharing and believes that limiting like the record companies want would damage the very idea of freedom of information and artistic sharing. Mr. Thompson and I both refuse to pay for any music online. If I have to limit my music availability to CDs and the radio then so be it. The idea of paying even a small amount for one piece of music seems like more trouble than it's worth. I feel the same way about books and newspaper articles and such. I like owning a book. I like owning a CD. They're physical and I have control over them. I can lend them to a friend and they are still mine. But to pay money for something that I could make a million copies of by pressing a button but not be able to share it without breaking the law seems foolhardy. They might as well shut down the internet. There won't be any communication of ideas tonight, folks.

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