Friday, 13 August 2004

Father time...

Well, today's my birthday. I've reached the big three-oh. I asked for a cane for my gift but I didn't get it... yet.

But seriously, I don't really feel that old despite that fact that thirty is pretty much the age where you are truly considered an adult. I can't really get away with being young and foolish and playing games like was when I was a kid... Who cares, I'll do it anyway! Happy birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!! and a pinch to grow an inch or more. ;)

With love,
Jenn W

andie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) And re: adulthood. Don't make it sound like they don't make movies about people older than thirty. Lol. It's a new world to explore. :) And now, you can thoroughly tell me what being twenty-something is gonna be like in the future.