Thursday, 12 August 2004

Past times...

I don't know why I'm putting this on here but here's a few days of entries from my old site "emptynet". Mostly just stuff I did on the site [so it really doesn't have any relevance anymore but there's a couple interesting memories. The entry from the 16th of August below refers to the trip I made home during a major blackout in NYC. Everything was out and I had just as much trouble getting home as on 9/11.

  • [20030902] I haven't done anything on this site for a while. I've been busy working on other things. But I just filled out my reading page with a few details and reviews. Don't mention it.
  • [20030818] I finished quite a bit on
    my art page. I also worked on the bare bones of the learning page.
  • [20030816] Well. Thursday (14th) was a adventure. Had to get from Jamaica,
    Queens (NYC, USA) to Elizabeth, NJ. Through a series of car, bus and train rides
    and a lot walking, I made it in 7 hours. Whew.
  • [20030814] I've done a bunch
    of things over the past few days but most of it's been just clean-up, details,
    and reorganization. I had an odd lady on the telephone today... She asked me a
    question but said she didn't want it from the Internet. She doesn't trust the
    Internet. So I flipped the pages of a book into the receiver of the phone and
    gave her the answer from the Internet. She was satisfied.
  • [20030811] I
    started on it yesterday but I finished my philosophy page (or at least gave it
    enough meat to call it finished for now) today.
  • [20030809] Changed around
    the organizational structure of the site a little. Added some little pics here
    and there. Fixed some details. AND made a whole new page. You probably didn't
    even notice, did you? You take and you take, and I give and I give. *sniff*.
  • [20030807] Started on a page for movies and television. It's not much but
    you've got to start somewhere.
  • [20030806] Reworked the link collection.
    Check it out!
  • [20030805] Ok. I'm doing a complete reconstruction of this
    site -- for the thousandth time. No more blog. I do it for a month or two and
    then I give up. So no more. I'm actually going to put in a whole bunch of areas
    in -- finally. So nothing new content-wise yet. Just style-wise. But soon.
That last entry is pretty ironic, don't ya think?

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