Monday, 6 September 2004

Check up...

Well, I've tried. I've been cleaning as much as I could. I didn't get everything done but I think I've done ok. So let's look at the list.
  • Cleaning the linen closet. Done.
  • The dishes. A few pots and pans left. Will do tomorrow.
  • Bedroom closet. Damn. Not a scrap.
  • Sleep. Could have some more.
Like I said, I didn't get everything done. But actually it's better than it looks. I got a few things done that I didn't plan. Or at least that wasn't on the list.
  • Cleaned behind and beneath the stove. Bee-yawtch!
  • Grocery Trip. Ok. We always go shopping on the weekend but we went twice this weekend. Whew!
  • Creativity Page. I know I already mentioned this last entry but I have to have three in the list... duh...
So, how'd I do?


andie said...

Generally better than any normal man. You did good; your wife should be ecstatic, hahah. :) I just did my groceries today, too. Forgot the deodorant and Jell-O though.

stark said...

Well, she's pregnant and tired and we have a 4 year old. It's either clean or start digging tunnels! *laugh* Actually, despite my complaining, I actually like cleaning. If I had more time, I would probably be a little OCD about cleaning. I'm very neat and tidy at work.

Wait a minute... Did you call me abnormal?!?!? Did you?!?!? I'm so... I'm so... I'm so... honoured. Thank you for the compliment. *laugh* Actually, I don't understand why men tend to be so bizarre about cleaning. I mean, even if you were the most sexist guy in the world, wouldn't you think that women were incompetent and therefore you'd have to do the cleaning yourself? So, when men insist on the little lady doing all the laundry and dishes, they're just saying, "I'm so incompetent, I can't even do simple housework. Please take my car keys, my job and any other responsibilities I have, cuz I can't handle 'em!"

tursachan said...

Andie- He is generally better than most men, and his wife IS ecstatic! :)

Matthew- Thanks for all the work you've been doing 'round here! *kisskiss* You're so pretty! LOL