Friday, 22 October 2004

Getting chilly..

Ok. I guess being from Canada and enjoying the cold more than most people biases my judgement a little but it's really funny how the slightest drop in temperature really affects people in the NYC area. During previous months, when I started my day at the library, I would see almost a hundred people clammering to get into the library, waiting outside the front doors, pressing their noses to the glass, almost an hour before we open the doors at ten. And they keep coming throughout the day. It gets a little colder (what is it now, about 54 degrees Farhenheit or 12 degrees Celsius?), and that number drops to about 20 or 30 and barely a trickle after the initial rush.

I see people wearing scarves and earmuffs and big parkas... And I'm not talking about the old and the invalid. These are the young, the athletic, the strong and healthy. But obvious they are also the temperature sensitive.

Or maybe it's just impatience for different fashion season.

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