Friday, 22 October 2004

There was a first lady...

So, we've all heard about Mrs. Kerry's comment about Laura Bush. *yawn* 1. I wish people would stop worrying about what the spouses of the candidates do or say. Nobody's voting for them. When I applied for my job, I didn't drag my wife into the interview so they could see what an upstanding citizen she is. 2. It's a shame that the general public and the media can't accept an apology that has already been accepted by the person who was insulted. And 3. We all know exactly what she meant : that Mrs. Bush doesn't really seem like the real-world hardened type, at least not compared to Mrs. Kerry. Being a school teacher and a librarian can be trying sometimes but not always. And forgetting for the moment that Mrs. Kerry did mention being a mom despite everyone saying she forgot about it, being a mom isn't a job. Hard work, definitely. But so is being a father, mowing the lawn, painting your own house, being a good person, studying for finals, etc. They are chores, tasks, assignements, occupations (in an informal way, as in a thing occupying your time), etc. But they are not jobs. Not in the way that most of us use that word.

Use some common sense, people.

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